Hair Story: Sia-Linda

Tell a little bit about yourself..Your name, what school, year, hobbies, interests, one thing that pisses you off

My name is Sia-Linda, yes Sia as in THE singer. I am a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. My hobbies are singing off key, latin dance and being super involved in Penn student government and the Penn MUSE marketing club. I also have a podcast called "The Trillest" hosted by Sia and it’ll soon be available on iTunes and The Daily Pennsylvanian website. One thing that pisses me off is rude people who try to be something that they are not.

How Important is your hair to you? (scale 1-5)


How do you express your hair?

I really like braids, Senegalese twists, and wearing my natural hair in twist outs and the like. I also like my hair straightened but I know it is really unhealthy for my hair so I haven’t had a Dominican blowout in over a year. I recently got a weave with a closure for the first time (100% Malaysian straight), and I like it a lot.

How did you view your hair growing up compared to now?

I’ve always loved my natural hair because my mom has always worn her natural hair and made me proud of having my natural locks with my lengths.

Who or what contributed to your perception?

My momma and the Sierra Leonean community in Boston always admiring my natural hair length (especially if my hair was straightened)

Do you think the black hair culture is changing to favor natural is this good? How can it be counterintuitive?

I believe it is. At least when it comes to media.

How has the culture changing changed you and your self-perception?

It hasn’t because I’ve always loved my hair.